Monday, August 23, 2010

Remodeling speaker driver

 Modification of speaker driver was tested.

 Original speaker driver was FE83En. Before making change to this FE83En, FE83E was modified in order to know if modification works well.

 Purpose of this change was to make high frequency response lower and and to boost low frequency response.

 What was done was to make painting layer to back side of membrane. Painting layer has effect to increase mass of membrane and to reinforce stiffness of membrane. Former one will make F0 lower, so that response of low frequency will be boosted. Later one will work to reduce high frequency response, because higher vibration mode will become higher because stiffness will increase.

 I was not sure if there were any side effects. I am not Fostex sound lover, so that I decided to remodel Fostex original.

 My impression follows:

  1. No side effects were tangible.
  2. Distortion in high frequency seems to be reduced.
  3. Low frequency response was somewhat boosted.

 As a result, this modification seems to work well to "me". Please do not copy this modification. Success is not guaranteed at all.

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