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Feastrex Nf5Exciter driver

I packed some of my speaker systems in order to present at conference of Research Institute for Loudspeaker Systems and Related Trchnologies (RILSRT) held on 23rd of September, 2010. I resumed using my main loudspeaker systems that are tall 5" system in the left photograph. The main system is named TR130c . This system is equipped with Nf5Exciter full-range driver by Feastrex . I again realized completely different world with Feastrex drivers from with Fostex drivers. Listening Jazz Piano Trio ("The Ground" by Tord Gustavsen Trio: ECM 1892 B0004123-02), I felt music itself rather than just high fidelity sound. This was true to Morzart' Violin Concerto, List's Piano Concerto and all other music sources that I own. Feastrex sound is music itself. High frequency sound directly reaches to me without distortion. Nothing is annoying. Thigh I enjoy piano trio with my "CON GIOIA" system with Fostex FE83En drivers, but not as much as with "TR130c"

Research Institute of Loudspeaker Systems and Related Technologies

 I am heading a small society named "Research Institute of Loudspeaker Systems and Related Technologies (see link ).  It pursues developing and publishing useful technologies. There are many professional engineers and researchers worldwide; however, no professional has ever got success in multiple degree of freedom cavity resonator area.   Above picture is my memorandum notebooks. I always bring a small notebook in order to record my ideas. I illustrate my multiple degree of freedom models and momentum equations. These notebooks are some of my records of MDOF-CR development. Idea of models, equations, algorithms and hand-written drawings are recorded in these notebooks. I think audio professionals should lead technologies; however, non-professionals are already go ahead from professionals in some area. Therefore my group have reasons of its existence. Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

Drawing of "CON GIOIA"

  After making clay layer back side of FE83En's frame. Sound became clear. I am now able to show the drawing of this model. Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

Viscous gasket for driver frame

My new AICC-CR (one of MCAP-CRs) application "Con Gioia" uses Fostex's FE83En. I made several changes to this speaker unit, because I did not like its sound. I found that the main reason that I hate its sound was that it has very unrigid frame. FE83En costs more than most of same class drivers by different suppliers'. On the other hand frame is very weak and weak frame became source of noise. I made clay gasket and laminated to inner frame in order to damp the frame. I hear great change of its sound. This may be a good idea to damp weak frames. Sound became more vivid, listening Bobo Stenson Trio. It seems noise from weak metal frame was not negligible. Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project