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Pure Audio from Poor Audio

I recently devote myself to poor audio. I recognized that the most important thing of the audio hobby is technology. Important information is found everywhere around usual life. UP4D technology was found from poor audio trial. Limited materials like rough woods limited enclosure design, driver layout, size and so on. It made me realized the advantage of unparallel driver layout. Now I am trying the next UP4D application. I try UP4D cavity resonator system. Previous one was pipe resonator. Cavity resonator system is somewhat advantageous for size and shape compared with pipe resonator. Now I will incorporate pipe resonator with cavity resonator. I will see what it can.

Real Giant...!!!!

This is the real giant. It is the first ever commercial product of multiple-degree of freedom cavity resonator type loudspeaker system! She is the president of DreamsounD where my friend devotes himself for true high-fidelity music presenter loudspeaker system. You will imagine how big it is! She is not a dwarf. Once my friend wrote to me since he got interested in MCAP-CR. He had other multiple-degree of freedom cavity resonator project. I helped him for a little bit analysis part. He was really much impressed with the performance of the model. He wrote to me that he had never experienced such presence of music with the new system. I wish I could hear it. France is too far from Japan. Visit DreamsounD for more details. Ciao!


I recently noticed that the single file size is limited to only 250kB by FC2 free website. Therefore, some simulation program files were deleted by server. I have to find how to avoid this restriction. I know that standard paid service can avoid this restriction; however, I do not get any money from this research! I want to use free web service, unless there comes any sponsor... I feel sad research does not make money...