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Numerical Simulation of Standard MCAP-CR is ready!!!

Numerical Simulation Program of Standard MCAP-CR has been developed and report was released! Numerical Analysis will make it better to plan and design loudspeaker applications. Program source code will be provided upon request with written agreement. I believe it will become breakthrough to practically realize multiple degree of freedom (MDOF) cavity resonator luudspeaker applications. For commercial inquiries, please give me email to mcapspeakers @ (remove two spaces). Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

New MDOF-CR application CBS-CR

I recently made a new multiple degree of freedom cavity resonator speaker system. New system's structuture is named as CBS-CR . Here is the structure of the new system. Left down side is main chambere where speaker driver is installed. On the wall of main chamber were pasted slices of corque caps. It was intended to absorb sounds a little bit, while it would not affect its performance a lot. Other chambers are sub chambers. Details of CBS-CR is documented here . It is being assembled like this... Now complete except surface finishing. Fostex's obsolete 4.5" full-range speaker driver FF125K was used for this new system (named as CBT120a). I love this system's performance. Low end frequency is approximately 37Hz. It is enough for most music sources. This system is especially good at jazz musics. I will upload some more details later. Chiao. Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

What I can do for disaster

One week has passed since devastating earthquake in Japan. I donated some money through Yahoo! Japan Fund. I hope it be used anything good for the people. Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

Devastating Earthquake

There was devastating earthquake in northern part of Japan. Tokyo had also earthquake, but metropolitan area fortunately did not have serious damage. Wired telephone and cellphone are not well functioning in Tokyo as well. I can see TV news and get information from internet. Damages in the northern area look significant. I can do nothing for them....

Conference this year on September 4th!

I am glad to announce that conference of Research Institute of Loudspeaker System and Related Technologies (RILSRT) will be held on September 4th in Tokyo . Number of members of this research group became to 81. We will meet each other and discuss technologies and preferences. Please let me know if you are interested in this conference this year! Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

New documents

I had my new year in Istanbul. The first sunrize in Istanbul was beautiful. Recently, I learned more about OpenOffice Math. Until recently, I dis not recognize how OpenOffice Math was useful. I had used Microsoft Equation. I like it, but Microsoft equation was upgraded and it became to me very difficult to handle. I decided not to depend on Microsoft Office, so that I again tried to use OpenOffice, then found that OpenOffice Math was useful! I translated some of my technical documents of multiple degree of freedom cavity resonator application and uploaded. There are two new English documents here. New documents