Sunday, January 29, 2017

About MCAP-CR patent

I have been disclosing every detail of information of multiple-degree of freedom cavity resonator theory and applications since I applied patent to Japanese patent office.
Now my friends became to use loudspeaker systems of MCAP-CR applications.

I have just a few inquiries about commercial use of the patent.

One was Dream SounD in France.
I helped him to develop his multiple degree of freedom models for free.
I wanted many people to listen to the multiple-degree of freedom cavity resonator system.
It interests me more than small money by the patent.
I was really sorry to have heard of his death with cancer.
It shocked me a lot.

I would like manufacturers to use my models and software for their development.
And I would them to tell me that they would like to use it for commercial purpose.

I believe multiple-degree of cavity resonator system, especially MCAP-CR,  solves the biggest problems of single degree of freedom standard bass-refrex systems

  1. You now get improved resolution of low frequency with MCAP-CR.
  2. You now get down to 40Hz with 3" driver and to 32Hz with 5" driver with MCAP-CR enclosure.

It can be theoretically simulated and test models may be designed and manufactured easily.
My design examples are not more than test examples.
Users can develop better systems with the mathematical model and simulation programs.

I would like you not hesitate to ask me questions for your happy DIY lives.


Saturday, January 28, 2017

Copied design?

Previous post may have not make readers understand.
Here is the story.
My site has contacting application to me.
This application enable anyone to contact me directly through the web site: .

One person gave me information about suspected copy of my design.

MCAP-CR is patented in Japan.
Though it does not apply to some countries, but my copyright is protected.

When I am asked for the use of the patented idea, I always allowed to use for free with the following conditions:
  1. Patent information and permission by the patent holder is noted.
  2. Indicate the website of the patent holder.
  3. Indicate the patent holder's information.
  4. Use the manufacturer's original design.
I am happy to help manufacturers to give simulation.
In this case, copy of my design is suspected without permission of patent or design use.

The person who reported to me suspected unauthorised use of MCAP-CR gave me the information of the website.
I will be the happiest to authorize the patent use and help designing, if permission was requested.
I know that audio industry does not produce much money, therefore, I do not intend to depend on my patent.
The patent is considered to be only an evidence of invention for me, therefore, I disclose any piece of technical information for free.

Let us see the picture of the suspected unauthorized use:
Here is their website:

Here is my original picture of the application:
Assembly drawing

I cannot say if it was stolen, but looks the same.
Same driver is used for the applications.

I will be happy and apologize if their product is not violation of my rights.
Is there anyone who knows more details about their product?

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Mi chi ha dato una domanda?

Buona sera.

Ho recevuto una domanda attraverso la sistema.
Penso che lui ha trovato una usa sospetta di MCAP-CR.
Saro contento se qualcuno i informazioni di il sito.


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