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New Simulator Release

How are your holidays? New simulator is just released. Latest simulator runs a number of simulation cases at the same time. You can just add some volume to certain chamber or adjust duct size a little bit and estimate where the best design is. Just try. It is easy. Manual is included in the package. Windows 32bit executable, additional DLL file for non MinGW users, and sample input files are included. Visit .

Merry Christmas!

Do you enjoy Christmas holidays? I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I noticed that this blog has not been updated. I would like to resume Field Presenter Application in January. I have been struggling with the MCAP-CR simulator. It is a CUI version, but CUI version is more important simulator than GUI version. I added new feature to the DFT version simulator. Last one required users lots of executions, because it can handle only one simulation case. Next version will be able to handle a number of simulation cases. It made me easier to find effects of chamber volume, duct size variations to frequency responses. I am sure it will help designing not only MCAP-CR simulators but also double-bass-reflex.