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New MDOF-CR application CBS-CR

I recently made a new multiple degree of freedom cavity resonator speaker system. New system's structuture is named as CBS-CR . Here is the structure of the new system. Left down side is main chambere where speaker driver is installed. On the wall of main chamber were pasted slices of corque caps. It was intended to absorb sounds a little bit, while it would not affect its performance a lot. Other chambers are sub chambers. Details of CBS-CR is documented here . It is being assembled like this... Now complete except surface finishing. Fostex's obsolete 4.5" full-range speaker driver FF125K was used for this new system (named as CBT120a). I love this system's performance. Low end frequency is approximately 37Hz. It is enough for most music sources. This system is especially good at jazz musics. I will upload some more details later. Chiao. Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project