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English pages have not been updated for long while, but yesterday uploaded article of new MCAP-CR models(TR130e/e2). New models are equipped with Tangband's 5" drivers, and Feastrex Nf5Ex exciter driver model. Here is the photo. Please refer to the web page . Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

Patent Accepted: MCAP-CR

I received a letter from Japan patent office. It was to inform me of acceptance of MCAP-CR patent application. I paid 6 year fee to keep my patent last Saturday. It has bee very long since I tried to develop generalized multiple degree of freedom cavity resonator systems. Since I published technical details of MCAP-CR through web sites, many readers read details and some actually made ones' own systems. Multiple degree of freedom cavity resonator system is already proven technology. I would like to keep this system better with my friends. Thank you for your supports! Shigeru Suzuki Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

Web contents

Recently I am interested in analysis of multiple-degree of freedom system than crafts, so that there have not been no major updates in web pages. I used to have two web pages in Google, but it was closed, because their contents are subset of . I will continue developing numerical analyses of multiple-degree of freedom system. I will hold Conference in Japan on Oct.7, 2012 in Tokyo. Interesting models and ideas will be presented as well as last year. You are invited if you are interested in loudspeaker technologies. Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

Qt is cute

Simulation program of standard MCAP-CR was released here . This program is good for ones who want to know move of  loudspeaker systems. We recall single bass reflex loudspeaker system is subset of MCAP-CR, so that it "could" be used for single bass reflex systems. I began to learn Qt for GUI programming. It would be nicer if it be distributed as software with GUI. Qt does not depend on any particular computer platform, so that it could be used for both Linux and Windows (Mac is a kind of Linux). Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project

MCAP-CR Simulation Program is now ditributed

You can now download and use MCAP-CR simulation program. Program is distributed as C++ source code. Users may compile and run the program. Go to link page. Enjoy! Multiple-Degree of Freedom Cavity Resonator Project