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Message form is now available

Massage form has been created. Send any private messages to me! Any feedback is appreciated. Project MCAP-CR

Released: Loudspeaker Simulator with Fourier Transform

New Loudspeaker response simulator with Fourier Transform was released. This is revision 1.0. Though it is character user interface (CUI) version, but function is powerful. New simulator is applicable to buffle , closed enclosure , bass-reflex enclosure , double bass-reflex enclosure , and standard MCAP-CR enclosure with up to 12 subchambers! Just to edit input parameter file, and run the simulator program from command prompt, then simulation results are generated as csv files. You may make plots, if you use spreadsheet software like (LibreOffice Calc, Microsoft Excel, etc.) Here is an example of simulation result. It is plotted by LibreOffice Calc. Below is the list of distributed files. Here is the input file. Just to edit this file and rung the executable, then results are generated as text file. You can compile the source file. Linux 64bit executable compiled by GCC runs much faster than Windows 32bit executable! See software page . Everyone can downlo