Mechanical Matrix MMX Speaker System

 I noticed that installing speaker drivers both L and R channel to same chamber makes stereo effects more than ten year ago.

It was a test model for MCAP-CR application.

Primary focus was to verify if thin film bottle could substitute for speaker driver membrane. The answer was "no"; however, it was found thin film bottle can be used as MCAP-CR subchamber.

This system has both L and R drivers in the main wood chamber. I was curious about stereo effect, though L and R were installed closely.

I recently tested above effect with 8" full-range drivers (photograph below).

This model has two (L & R) FE206E frivers in same chamber. Real sound field effect was given by this system in big room.

Now let us see the system of electrical matrix speaker system (let us call "EMX" speaker system) below:

EMX is electrical wiring system with unbalanced amplifier whose negative terminal is grounded. Balanceed amplifire may not be used for MMX system.

Mechanical matrix speaker system (let us call "MMX" speaker system) is very standard shown below:

MMX uses acoustic signal from from back side of speaker driver. Phase of acoustic signal from back side is negative, therefore, it is mixed with positive signal from front side of the driver. Thus MMX can get same effect as EMX system. In addition, balanced amplifier may be used for MMX, because wiring is typical standard.

I suppose MMX system has exisited since early stereo age. MMX is simple so that many people must have tried it. On the other hand, I suppose, many trials were not recognized as matrix system. I stress that MMX system has long hitory, while it has not been recognized as matrix system.

MMX system is so flexible that it allows number of variations.
Below is typical configuration.
Below is also typical configuration.

Configuration below is as well practical.

My recent trial is to include tweeter drivers to the system as shown below:

Driver models are indicated in above figure, but they are just example.
Here are pictures:

from left front

from right front

The biggest advantage of MMX is to reduce time, cost and space. MMX can be used in small room at low cost.
It can be examined easily.


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