Sunday, August 22, 2010

Impression and tuning of the new model

This new model was designed to demonstrate at Muse-no-hakobune loudspeaker craft contest which will be held in November this year in Tokyo. I named this new model as "CON GIOIA". "CON GIOIA" is Italian words that mean "with joy".

I think the most important objective of speaker craft is to enjoy, so that new model was named "CON GIOIA".

Approximately three week has passed since CON GIOIA was assembled. It has wide frequency range. Low end frequency is around 50 Hz or even lower. This may be enough for Fostex's 3" driver FE83En. Response of 80Hz - 100Hz does not sound high enough to me, so that I made some change.

I tried to reduce capacity of main chamber of the speaker cabinet stuffing clay into main chamber. Volume of main chamber of original design had little less than 4 litre. It was spacious, but I tried to reduce by 1.5 litre in order to tune some characteristic frequencies in order to compensate 80 - 100Hz small dip.

It did not make significant change. I will try some thing different later.

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