Monday, November 3, 2014

Challenge to new multiple-degree of freedom cavity resonator system

Hello dear,

I seldom update my blog...
I am now challenging for new multiple degree of freedom system with my friend in France.
He will release some interesting systems.

There have not been many updates of my research.
I have some more updates in my native Japanese pages.
I was convinced that my simulator model code003 can simulate the behavior of MCAP-CR system.
It was demonstrated in the presentation of Research Institute of Loudspeaker and Related Technologies last year (link in Japanese).
Here is what I presented in the meeting for dynamic simulation procedure below figure.

My friend also presented electrical simulation model of the same system with measurement result in the same meeting:

See the shape and frequencies of peaks. Measurement result, my simulation and electrical simulation matched.

Now I am challenging for different architecture model, still I am now in the debugging process.
The difference between the new architecture and MCAP-CR is just equations of motions.
It looks easy to replace equations...

I look forward to publishing the new architecture with my friend.

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